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A BOMB Gift Guide

Planning for your new little one and feeling overwhelmed by options?

Don't know what to buy for your friend's baby shower or 1st birthday?

Here are our top recommendations for products and items we loved!

For Baby & Registry

For 1st Birthday

For Just MOM

  • A weekend or week-long getaway for mother and girlfriends, or, Mom and family members.

  • Extra curricular activities for Mom: Local events, yoga classes, wine and paint night, dance classes— get her to literally shake things up and step completely away from role of being a mother.

  • Massage (this can be solo or couple)

  • Therapy:

Help with research or contribute to their ability to seek professional help

  • Pampering: Hair, nails, lashes, facial

  • Shopping spree: New wardrobe

  • Your time IS a gift. This could include babysitting offerings (offer your time to look after babe so mom can do literally anything else) or even just doing research on a product or class because mom is too tired and overwhelmed. These small tasks feel HUGE when you're in the throws of postpartum.


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