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Parents to Podcasters

Hey, it's Jodine and Amanda! We're two new moms trying to navigate this wild ‘hood called Motherhood! We met each other at the end of our pregnancies, in a Hypnobirthing class.  We shared similar birth experiences, but our postpartum recovery is what truly brought us together.  We realized what an invaluable experience it was to share the highs and lows of motherhood with someone you trust.  The conversations we had about guilt, fear, and isolation made us realize that we are not alone.  If we are feeling these things, then other people must be as well.  And so, our podcast was born!  Tune in every Tuesday as we cover all topics from nesting and birthing classes, to postpartum realities, relationship truths and EVERYTHING in between. If you have a baby, or are expecting a baby, let’s work together to take the fear out of being a mom.
We hope you feel seen and a little less crazy from listening to BLAME IT ON MOM BRAIN!


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